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Online Development
Optimize your site for maximum conversions and visitor retaintion. We use our experience and knowledge to streamline your site. Find out more...

Online Marketing
Don't just throw up a site and pray that people will find it. We can help you generate highly targeted visitors from all over the net. Find out more...

Media Buying
Leverage our Media Buying and Planning expertise to generate massive targeted exposure for your business. Find out more...

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Welcome to Original Internet

Original Internet is an independent media agency who specializes in online marketing. Through our specialization we are able to plan, execute and manage full scale marketing plans for our clients on a global scale.

What Makes Us Different?

We stand out from the crowd because our desire to not just provide a solution, but to work with our clients to really understand their business issues, their markets and above all, their customers. In doing so, we can provide tailor made campaigns based on consumer insights, in order to maximize our clients return on investment (ROI).

But also we ensure our clients receive the most efficient service possible, that’s why our media planning and buying services work hand in hand in order to provide maximum efficiency for our clients. In leveraging this relationship we are able to reduce the overall planning and negotiation stage for our clients. To read more about these services, please visit the Media Buying section.

Return On Investment

The internet provides the perfect medium for marketing as it allows you to collect huge quantities of data extremely fast. This data can them be used to further target advertising campaigns in order to maximize ROI. Although it is easy implement basic tracking, it is remarkable that a large number of agencies just don’t bother tracking and analyzing their data.

As other agencies opt for quantity over quality, we implement highly sophisticated tracking software to track and utilize as much data as possible. This allows us to quickly know whether a certain channel will be successful or not.

When selecting a media agency you are entrusting your marketing budget into their hands. If they aren’t tracking and testing every aspect of your campaign, then they are throwing away your money... not theirs!