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Optimize your site for maximum conversions and visitor retaintion. We use our experience and knowledge to streamline your site. Find out more...

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Don't just throw up a site and pray that people will find it. We can help you generate highly targeted visitors from all over the net. Find out more...

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About Us

Original Internet was formed due to the demand for media agencies who specializes leveraging one of the fastest growing media channels in the world, the internet. Since our inception we have helped numerous clients in generating tens of thousands of leads and sales and most importantly we have generated them thousands of dollars of additional revenue. Our business focuses on three fundamental areas of marketing:


The cornerstone of any truly effective marketing strategy is, of course, research. That’s why we make it the most crucial stage of any strategy we form. After all, if we don’t know your industry, then we don’t really know who your customers are.

During this critical stage we analyze your business, your market, your customers and your competition. We establish exactly what is working and why, then we use this as a foundation to build successful campaigns.


It comes down to quality verse quantity. Many media agencies opt for the cheap media placements so they can maximize exposure, in the hope they will receive more conversions. Our strategy is different, which is what makes us so successful.

Being avid testers, our strategy is to test and track each and every channel/traffic source individually. In doing so we can establish exactly what is working and what ROI is really being produced, on a per placement basis. This ensures that every element of your media investment is evaluated and accountable.

Tracking & Testing

This stage is crucial to the success of any campaign, but it is an ongoing process which needs to be implemented throughout the whole campaign. Many companies put up campaigns, see some positive results, then expand the campaign.

Our strategy is much different, as we put together a well researched campaign, then track every single channel. We use highly sophesticated software to optimize the sales process and creatives in order to boost conversion rates. This approch allows us to skyrocket your ROI, without increasing your costs.

We know that increased ROI means you will have additional revenue which can be used to further increase your marketing efforts in order to spiral your profits up.. a WIN WIN situation!