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Online Marketing

In the late nineties you could throw up a quick website, optimize the META tags with relevant terms and then submit it to a couple of search engines. Then you could sit back and enjoy the gentle flow of visitors.

Fast forward to today, and you will find millions of sites follow the same strategy.  What they don’t seem to understand that there are millions upon millions of websites out there, if you do nothing to promote it, then your site will just be lost in a sea of failing sites.

But there are a number of strategies you can employ in order to ensure you site is seen but your prospects. These are;

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engines have two main types of listings, these are free and paid. Free listings, or Organic listings, are the listings which the search engine creates after it has found your site ‘naturally’, i.e. via someone linking to you. Once the engine has found your site it will index your content and assign certain scores for relevancy.

In order to improve your relevancy to your chosen keywords/terms you will need to undertake two types of optimization, this is on page and off page optimization.

On page optimization refers to the actual content of the page and the internal linking structure. Through optimizing your content you make it easier for the search engines to ascertain what you pages are actually about, thus improving their relevancy.

Off page optimization refers to the inbound links which are pointing towards your site. The main factors which affect the “worth” of those links are the relevancy of the page the link is on, the text of the link, the actually quality of the site the link is on as well as the location of the server the site is on. There are many more factors but these are the most common ones.

Paid SEM

Paid Search Engine Marketing most commonly refers to pay-per-click advertising. This is the placement of advertising on the search results pages of search engines. The adverts are targeted to the geographic location of the searcher and the actual term they are searching for. This means that within minutes you can run a campaign and start receiving laser targeted prospects to your site. The obvious benefits are the time it takes to get up and running, but the other key benefit is that these visitors are actively searching for what you are offering. Therefore, with the right advert and the right landing page you can easily convert these searchers in to paying customers.

Pay-per-click advertising is extremely competitive and requires constant attention to ensure you are maximising your ad spend. Through our extensive experience of pay-per-click advertising, we can manage or run campaigns for your products/services.

Maintaining an effective SEM plan is ongoing process which constantly involves tweaking and tracking. Original internet provides SEM services to our clients in order to ensure that they are maximizing every avenue of online marketing. To find out more information about our SEM services, please Contact Us.

Media Buying

Media buying is the process of purchasing advertising space on third party sites. This is often seen as reserved for the “big boys” as the barriers to entry often seem high. This is largely due to the fact that many sites directly selling their advertising inventory don’t want thousands of clients, they what a handful of premium clients with deep pockets.

By leveraging our expertise and contacts, we can dramatically reduce this barrier and make it affordable to everyone, find out more in our Media Buying section, or Contact Us for further information